Munich Soviet Republic (aka Bavarian Soviet Republic) & Hitler exposed by historian Dr. Rex Curry

The socialist Adolf Hitler participated in three attempted violent socialist “revolutions” (but he succeeded in imposing socialism via voters electing him to office).  The following are Hitler’s three attempts at violent socialist revolution (two were at Munich and only four years apart) – 1. Munich Soviet Republic 1918-1919 (aka Bavarian Soviet Republic) – under Kurt Eisner. […]

Dr. Rex Curry debunks “Fascist Spectacle” by Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi re: Bellamy salute & Focialism

Dr. Rex Curry is the historian who is famous for his discovery that the USA’s Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag (by the American socialist Francis Bellamy) was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior (under German socialism during Hitler’s reign), as well as the origin of the same behavior under Italian socialism with […]

Swastikas meant “Socialism” (2 crossed “S” letters) under Germany’s National Socialists

The German National Socialist’s symbol was not a “swastika” in that the German socialists did not call their symbol a “swastika.” They called their symbol a “Hakenkreuz,” which means “hooked cross” because their symbol was a type of cross. It was also not a swastika in that they used it to represent crossed “S” letters […]


First historic public burning of social security card. Attorney Rex Curry is joined by other Libertarian Party members and their Lady Liberty (bedecked in crown, robe and cosmetic blackeye) as she uses her torch to burn their social security card and to call for an end to socialist slave numbers. The card-burning trend then […]

Adolf Hitler salute came from USA

The Pledge was the origin of the “Nazi” salute. The stiff-armed salute is more accurately called the “American salute” as it originated in the Pledge of Allegiance to the USA’s flag.

KRIT Motor Car Company Swastika & S-letters for “socialism” under Nazis – National Socialist German Workers Party

Krit Motor cars are part of the story of how Americans popularized swastikas and nazi salutes worldwide.

Did nazis adopt the swastika and nazi salutes from American national socialists?

The swastika was on American cars (e.g. the Krit Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan from 1909 to 1915) years before it was associated with German cars and the Volkswagen VW.

Earlier, the use of the swastika by American national socialists began with Edward Bellamy (in 1888 or before).

Edward Bellamy was the cousin and cohort of Francis Bellamy, author of the “Pledge of Allegiance” (PoA), the origin of the stiff-armed salute in 1892.

Ernst Hanfstaengl “Putzi” Hitler’s Piano Player – USA was origin of Nazi salute

Ernst Hanfstaengl “Putzi” Hitler’s Piano Player reveals that the USA was origin of Nazi salute and of the swastika style S-letter symbolism for “SOCIALISM”!!!

Pledge of Allegiance Videos + Nazism & Swastika socialism from Edward Bellamy & Francis Bellamy

Pledge of Allegiance videos show it was the origin of the Nazi salute as shown in the work of the cryptologist Dr. Rex Curry (an authority on Edward Bellamy and Francis Bellamy). The Swastika was used as S-letters for “Socialism” under the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Swastika = S-letters for “socialism.” Pledge of Allegiance is Nazism.

Swastika = S-letters for “socialism.” Pledge of Allegiance is Nazism. Hakenkreuz, hooked cross.

Swastikas, Nazis, Fascists, Socialists

Swastika = S-letters for “Socialism” under the Hakenkreuz & Fascism, Nazism, under Adolf Hitler