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Pledge of Allegiance Videos + Nazism & Swastika socialism from Edward Bellamy & Francis Bellamy

Pledge of Allegiance videos show it was the origin of the Nazi salute as shown in the work of the cryptologist Dr. Rex Curry (an authority on Edward Bellamy and Francis Bellamy). The Swastika was used as S-letters for “Socialism” under the National Socialist German Workers Party.


Pledge of Allegiance of the Horatii, or Oath of Horatii?

Pledge of Allegiance was origin of Nazi salute under National Socialist German Workers Party, from National Socialists in the USA (Francis Bellamy and Edward Bellamy).

Pledge of Allegiance news exposed. Swastika is Socialist symbology.

Pledge of Allegiance news exposed: It was origin of Nazi salute under National Socialist German Workers Party. Swastika was S-letters for Socialism under Adolf Hitler and socialism / fascism.

EDWARD BELLAMY looking backward 1887 Francis Bellamy Pledge of Allegiance

Edward Bellamy wrote “Looking Backward” in 1887 and was cousin and cohort to Francis Bellamy, who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. They promoted their dogma of National Socialism.

Francis Bellamy, Pledge of Allegiance, Swastikas & Edward Bellamy exposed by Dr. Rex Curry

¬† Pledge of Allegiance pictures and Swastikas pictures ¬†expose shocking secrets about American history. Socialists in the USA originated the Nazi salute, robotic group-chanting to flags, Nazism, flag fetishism, and the modern swastika as “S” symbolism for “Socialism.” Much of that history is the history of the Pledge Of Allegiance. A new […]