Nazi salute & Nazi behavior from US’s Pledge of Allegiance continues to mess up the world

Governments mandated the Nazi salute in the past, then governments banned the Nazi salute. Governments are insane and must end.

In the US and Germany and other countries, the Nazi gesture was mandated by law. The US’s Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of the salute and of the horrid behavior that accompanied it (see the discoveries of the historian Dr. Rex Curry).

People who refused to perform the salute and the robotic chanting to the flag on cue in government schools were persecuted. Children were taken from parents, people were beaten, arrested, imprisoned, and even lynched.

The idiocy of government continues with this news story:

Portuguese prosecutors are investigating a Jewish prison guard and five of his colleagues for making a Nazi salute.
The six men participated in a demonstration last month against the government’s austerity measures in front of Portugal’s parliament in Lisbon, Diario de Noticias, a daily newspaper, reported earlier this week. The newspaper did not name the men, but reported that one of them was Jewish.
The decision to investigate the men came almost a month after the demonstration, in which a crowd of government employees, mostly male and many wearing masks, were seen singing the national anthem and waving their arms in what prosecutors said were Nazi salutes that violated Portuguese law against the display of fascist symbols.
The Jewish prison guard told the daily he was “indignant” over the decision.
A spokesperson for the group told the news site that the investigation was baseless as none of the guards had any connections to the extreme right, and that it was a way for the government to punish them for participating in the protest rally.

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  1. William W. Burns
    Posted April 8, 2014 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    Thank you for your research and attention you have given this matter. Most sincerely. Why especially? Because, I can recall my time in Kindergarden, and the first and second grade at Lincoln school in Spokane, Washington, and in the 3rd grade at Sacret Heart School in Spokane. People just do not believe me when I tell them I can very cleary remember having to give the pledge of alliengence to the flag with the upraised right hand at a 45 degrees. We were supposed to do it with our palms facing up. But, as kids who had seen the movies that were starting to come out about Germany, Hitler, and the nazi thing, a lot of us did the salute with palms facing down just to imitate the Nazi salute just for the heck of. And, guess what? No body really fussed about some of us who were giving the Pledge of Allegiance the “German way” with our extended arms with palms down. Even then, before the expression “cool” existed, most of us kids (mostly boys, but there were few girls as well) thought it was cool to give the straight upraised arm salute. Oh, yeah, it was there for sure, I remeber doing it. Frankly, sorry to admit this, but when the hands over the heart pledge thing came in, it was sort of whimpy, and not nearly as much fun or exciting as the upraised hand pledge. The nuns teaching at Sacred Heart in the early 1940’s were, I believe, a little bit faschist, and militaristic. At 1200 noon, we all had to get on our knees to say the rosary, afterwhich, we all (including the girls) were given the commnad to stand, do an about face, and stand at attention while the school loundspeaker played a rousing John Philip Sousa march. Then sister would eventually tell us to start “marking time” so that we would in step with the 2/4 time of the march music. When it our turn to march out into the hallway, sister gave the command to “march” as she opened the door so we could march out to join up with the other classes marching in the hallway. The 8th grade got to march out first, and stayed in formatation while the other grades 7th down to 1st grade would march out and join up in the mass school formation. When the march music would finally stop, we would all stand at attenion for about 20 seconds or so until Sister, Mother Superior would dismiss the formation. And, we were finally allowed to go to lunch. We had to also do this same marching ritual at the end of the school day. This routine was done, twice a day, for every…. god…. damned…. freaking day of the school week. I think that Mr. Bellamy would have been proud to see this routine as it was practiced at Sacred Heart Parochial School in Spokane, Washington in the early 1940’s.

    Oh, by the way, I just pulled out of my book shelf to my right…. and old, old, dirty, grity copy of “LOOKING BACKWARD” by Edward Bellamy. First copyright says 1887 by Ticknor and Company. The Introduction written by Heywood Broun. Further proof I actually have the book, first words in Chapter 1 “I FIRST saw the light in the city of Boston in the year 1857.”What!” you say, “eighteen fifty-seven? That is an odd slip. He means nineteen fifty-seven, of course.”
    Great book. If found it some years ago, just laying in the middle of dirt road. It look like an interesting find. So I picked up, brought home, and I am still reading it.

    William W. Burns

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