Nazi salute came from Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior (see the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry). The pledge was written by an American socialist who influenced other socialists worldwide, including German socialists. The pledge continues to be the origin of Nazi behavior even though the gesture was changed to hide the pledge’s putrid past. This is an error that appeared in a recent article about the pledge, published elsewhere: “The original flag salute was inspired by one of the magazine editors, James Upham who allegedly emulated the ancient Roman legion salute.” The part that is an error is the part that says Upham allegedly emulated the ancient Roman legion salute. Upham did not emulate the ancient Roman legion salute, as the myth of the “ancient Roman legion salute” did not exist at that time. The person who wrote that was duped by wikipedia (aka wakipedia), where the “ancient Roman salute” myth was touted and then replaced by the fabrication of the neo-classical painting myth. Upham never said such a thing and it is crystal clear where the gesture came from: Upham suggested that the pledge begin with a military salute and then extended the military salute gesture outward to point toward the flag, and in actual use of the gesture, children would simply extend the military salute straight out, stiffly, in the classic form that was adopted later by German socialists. See the videos related to Dr. Curry’s work.


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