First historic public burning of social security card. Attorney Rex Curry is joined by other Libertarian Party members and their Lady Liberty (bedecked in crown, robe and cosmetic blackeye) as she uses her torch to burn their social security card and to call for an end to socialist slave numbers.


The card-burning trend then spread at 

For more on the social security system and its socialist slavery see

Social Security is unconstitutional and a ponzi scheme (or more modernly known as a madoff scheme) and worse. It is the cornerstone of the USA’s police state in which infants are numbered at birth and everyone is taxed and tracked for life, while the government steals their money constantly no matter where they go, all the while keeping tabs on everything about their lives. Social Security makes Ponzi and Madoff seem angelic in comparison. Social Security raises the question why Ponzi and Madoff are not hailed as heros holding hands w FDR. Social security daily steals money from struggling poor people flipping burgers and gives it to wealthy people. There are old photos of Americans with their social security numbers tattooed to their skin b4 WWII, b4 Adolf Hitler started tattooing numbers to people. It shows how brainwashed Americans were and are about socialism, Stalin, Mao and Hitler. That is why social security numbers are known as “socialist slave numbers” (do a web search).


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