Daniel Ruth: “LaRouche La Ruth” is he Lyndon LaRouche with Elaine “Mussolini” Silvestrini at the Tampa Tribune? see startling photographic evidence

Daniel Ruth aka “LaRouche La Ruth”

Daniel Ruth is Lyndon LaRouche at Tampa Tribune with Elaine "Mussolini" Silvestrini?

Daniel Ruth is Lyndon LaRouche with Elaine Silvestrini?

The Tampa Tribune Newspaper is dead and this blog is happy to have achieved this blog’s top goal in killing the Tampa Tribune Newspaper. This blog also thanks the Pointer Institute for Media Studies for helping this blog, along with with the Dead Writers Club (DWC – an author’s group).

The Pointer Institute provides remedial education to journalists about history, economics, government, and more.  They un-tangle those twelve years of brainwashing that cripples news reporters.  The DWC also fights media incompetency and dishonesty and toward that goal it joined with the Pointer Institute and with this blog in 2016 to shut down the Tampa Tribune Newspaper.

We apologize to all the people who did not make the party celebrating the Tribune’s demise.  It was a blow out of local luminaries.

The goal of both Tampa Bay area newspapers has always been to expand the existing socialist police state.  They do so by keeping their readers ignorant.  That is another reason why so many local groups and people worked together to put the Tribune out of business.  The Tampa Bay Times is not doing well either.

The Tampa Bay Times Newspaper (TBT) covers up the National Socialist German Workers Party and the origin of its dogma, symbols, and rituals. Perhaps that is because the TBT building is adorned with swastikas and a huge U.S. flag put on a pole out front every day.

Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize covering up for socialists at the New York Times (NYT).  TBT follows Duranty’s prize-winning strategy.  TBT is upset about recent talk of a Pulitzer Prize (that will NOT go to TBT) for exposing socialism and the Pledge of Allegiance as the origin of Nazi salutes and Nazi behavior.

Daniel “LaRouche” Ruth helped kill the Tribune during his time working for the fish wrapper. After LaRouche was fired by the Tampa Tribune, TBT hired him.  TBT did so despite his history of Nazi-style name-calling.  After LaRouche’s loss in a public debate challenge the local response against the crackpot was so great that LaRouche said he was labeled a “Dork, anti-free market statist, $#%!&, Dummkopf, liberal, daffy, dolt, stupid, dunce and, oh by the way, socialist.”  Ruth’s nickname could be “Duranty” (instead of “LaRouche”).

Not long after the “socialist” crack, Ruth’s employer/newspaper said to the kook: “Uh, Daniel Ruth? Start packing your bags!”

On another occasion, Ruth admitted publicly that locals have labeled him “bigot, prejudiced, hateful and ignorant.”

La Ruth jokes about torture. Good Grief, LaRouche was not that delusional!

Ruth supports bleating the socialist Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and said so with his nazi-style name-calling.  It is revealing to note that the TBT hoists the flag daily in front of its swastika-decked crib; flag hag LaRouche is not out front daily to bleat his sacred flaggotry.  Bleating only takes 12 seconds a day for life, so why not, LaRuth?  LaRuth prefers the earlier gesture (he was schooled about it from Dr. Rex Curry’s historical discoveries).

TBT reinforced its masthead, “America’s Dumbest Newspaper,” when it was duped by America’s Dumbest Criminals.  Thereafter, America’s Dumbest Newspaper duped its readers (both of them).  America’s Dumbest Readers.

Daniel Ruth Tampa Bay Times

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Daniel Ruth Tampa Tribune Flag Fetishism Nazis LaRouche

Daniel Ruth – is he the person known as Lyndon LaRouche? See the photographic evidence at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/7894913@N08/2898419047/


Has anyone ever seen those two together?

Daniel Ruth & Elaine Silvestrini Newspaper News


Has the mystery of Ruth’s hybrid toupee / combover question been solved? (Ruth once told a critic that Ruth would let the critic find out if Ruth has a hybrid toupee/combover if the critic paid Ruth $5000 -Ruth knew that if the price was high then the critic would pass on Ruth’s toupee/combover question).


Ruth and Elaine Silvestrini Mussolini (of the Tampa Tribune) believe that the purpose of government is to provide service, and the purpose of the media is to provide vaseline.


Think of the Tampa Tribune as a torture conspiracy (as its readers think ofit; both of them). After Ruth’s previous loss to Dr. Curry, the response against Ruth from the general public was so great that Ruth said he was labeled a “Dork, anti-free market statist $#@%!&@, Dummkopf, liberal, daffy, dolt, stupid, dunce and, oh by the way, socialist.”


Elaine Silvestrini & Benito Mussolini

Ruth’s use of “socialist” is telling in that Ruth covers up for the National Socialist German Workers Party and its deadly dogma. The neo-nationalist Ruth has probably never written the actual name of the group “National Socialist German Workers Party” in the Tribune (check it yourself).

On the Tribune’s flag fetishism, Ruth and Silvestrini have been influenced by America’s most notorious National Socialists, Francis Bellamy and Edward Bellamy. Ruth’s economic ignorance equals or exceeds Edward Bellamy’s.

Silvestrini and Ruth add to the public perception of their profession as “news nazis.”

Ruth and Silvestrini are disturbingly silent about the Bellamys and their bigotry, xenophobia, militarism, robotic chanting for children, and authoritarian socialism (and their influence upon German National Socialism, its dogma, symbols and rituals). Bellamy dogma led to segregation imposed by law, and racism taught as official policy. And what about the jingoism, zealotry and fanaticism? The Ruth/Silvestrini silence becomes deafening about the related hate-mongering, persecution, violence, and even lynchings inspired by the Bellamys and their socialist religion. It becomes scarier in that Ruth refers to himself as the “Book of Ruth.”

Good Grief, Lyndon LaRouche was not as delusional as Ruth is. Ruth writes flippantly about torture. LaRouche La Ruth’s insane clown posse act is like something out of “Apocalypse Now” meets “A Clockwork Orange.”

And what about Elaine “Mussolini” Silvestrini? Many people forget that the Italian cohort of German National Socialism developed as a popular “journalist” among socialists and socialist newpapers. Silvestrini Mussolini is a scary reminder.

Would Ruth and Silvestrini like to “restore the Pledge” to preserve its historic heritage: Its earlier salute gesture?

For many years, the near-sighted loopy leprechaun (Ruth) has flittered about the fringes of political life in the Tampa Bay area as a sort of scary class clown, in the “special” section, hoping that his kindergarten name-calling would make his teachers give up and leave him alone.

Ruth, a Dominick Dunne wannabe, is the Rump-hole of the Insanely. Ruth’s self-defecating remarks are asinine. Ruth’s flatulence worsens whenever Ruth rubs his brain cells together. Both of them.

The Tribune is also a torture conspiracy for the victims/survivors of crimes. If victims re-live crime trauma in multiple trials then they can blame Ruth, Silvestrini and people who think as they do. Ruth and Silvestrini stupidly cheer for the ballooning federal government and for victims of gruesome crimes to endure multiple trials that are costly and time-consuming. They are a morbid circus of “news” clowns in a clockwork orange. If it were up to Ruth, Silvestrini and their ilk then the federal and state government would take turns re-trying the same “newsy” cases annually so that Ruth and Silvestrini would have something about which to babble incoherently.

It is no wonder that Silvestrini’s columns never state any qualifications she has to write articles about legal topics (or any topics). Only Silvestrini’s phone number and email address were given with no biographical or background information (nor any link to such information). Compared to Dr. Curry’s illustrious career, Silvestrini’s name is longer than her career highlights. There is a complete lack of disclosure of whether Silvestrini has any licensing or educational achievement that qualifies her to write on such a topic, how she was selected, nor how much she was paid to write the piece (It might embarrass her if they printed what she was paid. She is no where near being paid $100 per hour). Silvestrini learned to write in government schools on Planet Zircon 9. She is the Touch-hole of the Insanely.

As a career move, Silvestrini and Ruth should not become lawyers. Their “journalism” might cause some people to wonder if they are competent even to write about legal issues, or to write at all about anything. If they are considering a job change then here is a Memo to Silvestrini and Ruth: Don’t start packing your bags.

Silvestrini and Ruth remain unable or unwilling to state the simple issue: The Pledge of Allegiance (and its author) was the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers Party and influenced its symbols and rituals. They are deniers and historical revisionists. They play blind to its effect on the enormous growth of government today.


Are Tribune writers dense or does intellectual dishonesty and a lack of integrity make them unwilling to provide simple accurate reporting?

On the other hand, Elaine Silvestrini has strange tastes in what she does write about. In a recent article, Silvestrini’s interests were drawn to “adults only” web pages about swastika and flag fetishism and she was attracted to a body-building picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a picture of an American flag with swastikas in place of stars. On 7-3-07, Silvestrini wrote about a man who sells virtual sex toys, including characters on screenthat can be animated into a variety of sexual positions (she seems to have researched that one thoroughly); Silvestrini has written repeatedly about what Silvestrini calls a “high-profile drug, sex and torture case.”

Silvestrini and Ruth have paid a lot of attention to Max Hardcore and his pornography (and LaRuth makes childish jokes about it, of course).

It is a reminder of the old adage: “To a socialist/statist there is no bigger phallic symbol than a flag pole.”

If you read newspapers for years then you will see all manner of ditzoid craziness that slops its way over the journalistic gunwales -claims of UFO abductions, the conspiracy theorists, Nazi cabals, and people who believe monkeys are taking over the world.

And those are just some of the serious news stories. There are some newspaper writers, too, who are really weird. Take Silvestrini and Ruth.

Please, take them.

For all the black helicopter sightings and strange arguments that Shecky Green and the Jewish lobby control the government and Y2K means the end of the world, Silvestrini Mussolini and LaRouche La Ruth are the most twistedly evasive.

The Felliniesque Fidel Castros never addressed any of the original issues.

For example, why is the federal government growing so large, taking over criminal law nationwide, and becoming involved in what in the past would have been state level cases? Silvestrini – a “newspaper” writer – weighed in with one long sputtering bluster against historical reality. Loony Ruth did his mental blank-out. The Karl Marxs of the Twilight Zone responded with a bunch of journalistic babble.

Silvestrini and Ruth are the most visible local disciples of the Tampa Tribune, which ought to have their embarrassed fellow travelers donning Groucho Marx disguises around the office and about town.

Recently when Silvestrini wrote again about “high-profile drugs, sex and torture,” Silvestrini mentioned Dr. Curry, and his appellate work as an attorney for a defendant in whom Silvestrini has taken an ongoing interest.

Silvestrini wrote about two critics of Curry’s work and then she quoted Curry’s response, “You can write that I have challenged them to a public debate of their claims and that the next step is to select a time and place for doing so, if they think they are up to it.”


Silvestrini’s quote was a public debate challenge by Dr. Curry to Charles Rose, a professor at Stetson Law School, and the dare was printed in the Tampa Tribune Newspaper in September 2008. A law school would be an ideal place for an educational debate and it would be easy for Charles Rose to rise up to the challenge. As expected, Charles Rose apparently did not think he was up to it as Charles Rose has not selected a time or place in response to Dr. Curry’s public debate challenge.

Even after Elaine Silvestrini drafted the debate challenge to Charles Rose in the newspaper, there was no response from Rose that Silvestrini printed in the article. It remains another media debate challenge victory for Dr. Curry over Charles Rose.


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